What is Hypnosis?

In the past Hypnosis was thought to be a sleep state (The word "Hypnosis" is Greek meaning "God of sleep") but it is
much truer to define it as a state between sleep and approaching wakefulness. Hypnosis is entered into naturally a
variety of times throughout each day but unfortunately when these states of hypnosis are reached they are often
disregarded and overlooked. 

Hypnosis can be specifically and intentionally reached with the help of a trained  hypnotist through the use of
hypnotic inductions. Hypnosis can be defined as an artificially induced, relaxed, focused state of concentration.  In
this state a personís receptiveness is enhanced. During a hypnosis session this state of enhanced receptiveness is
used intentionally and directed specifically in order to create desired results. This makes hypnosis an efficient and
effective tool for changing undesirable thought patterns and behavioural responses. These changes encourage the
possibility for a person to live the life they desire.

Why Hypnosis?

During hypnosis the brain is in a relaxed, focused and highly receptive state; suggestions offered, by a trained
Hypnotherapist, are readily and easily absorbed by a brain that is in this brain-state.

Hypnosis has long been understood and reported to have the average success rate of 93% after just 6 sessions in
comparison to Psychoanalysis (a broad term used to encompass many commonly used psychological approaches
which focus on identifying the "problems") which has been found to be effective 38% of the time after 600 sessions
(Barrios, 1970)!

For many, Hypnotherapy makes the improvements being sought not only possible but much quicker than any other
form of treatment.

How does hypnosis work?

Normally we go in and out of a hypnotic brain state without ever utilizing or directing it because we donít realize our own power to do so. 

During hypnosis, very specific and intentional suggestions, created and administered by the hypnotherapist, are offered.

Due to the brainís enhanced receptivity the suggestions are readily and easily absorbed.

Is hypnosis safe?

Yes. It is a natural normal brain state that we go in and out of every day without really knowing it.

How much do the Sessions cost?

1 hour Individual $120.00
90 minute individual $160.00
2 hour individual $195.00

1 hour Couples Therapy  $140.00
90 minute Couples Therapy $190.00
2 hour Couples Therapy $230.00

30 minute Consulation (Individuals or Couples) $70.00
For further questions or bookings please call 587.775.2500 or email

Can hypnosis make me do something against my will?

No, you never do anything against your will.  Itís necessary to understand how powerful your mind really is - if there is a suggestion offered that is against any morals or values the mind rejects it. 

The brain wave that is utilized during the beginning phase of hypnosis is the same brain wave in which two thirds of television viewing is spent. Advertisers know this and they use it to encourage us to purchase; our purchases however are still within the realm of our control. 

Can anyone be hypnotized?

Yes, we go in and out of this natural state many times each day. 

Can I do Self-Hypnosis?

All hypnosis is self- hypnosis.

The key is to learn how to induce and use the powerful brain state of hypnosis.

This is one of the reasons hypnosis has become so popular and can be so powerful; once you know how to induce and/or utilize this brain state the understanding can be applied to any area of thought!

How many sessions will it take?

Most clients can count on 3-6 sessions.

For the first 2-3 Hypnosis sessions it is recommended the sessions be roughly one week apart. After these sessions it is usually recommended that the following Hypnosis sessions be 10 days to two weeks apart.

These are of course guidelines only as each client is unique. There are clients that require one session every four weeks and there are others that request a session once every six months as "tweak" or "booster" for what they have already worked on or wish to deepen or further.
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Brandi Rosgen B.Ed, ACH, MACP, MPCC
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Brandi Rosgen B.Ed, ACH, MACP, MPCC
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Her Education

Brandi is a Registered Master Practitioner of Clinical Counselling (MPCC). Brandi holds a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, a Certificate in Positive Psychology and Bachelors degree in Education. Additionally, Brandi is an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, an Advanced Theta Healer and a trained Transcendental Meditator. Brandi's education (both Western and Eastern), her private practice and her Transcendental Meditation experience have combined to create a very unique and sought after therapy experience for her clients. She is currently taking her PhD in Integral and Transpersonal Psychology (which means she is getting a doctorate in integrating the whole person - Mind, Body, Energy and Spirit - into the counselling forum) as a natural addition to her already integrative and transpersonal approach.

Her Approach

Brandi's private practice is for individual and small group therapy sessions; these therapy sessions combine Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy for an effective and efficient treatment approach. Psychotherapy is a combination of Brandi's psychology and counselling background. Clinical Hypnotherapy allows for swift changes to be created and sustained through direct communication with the subconscious mind which is the driving force behind behavioural and emotional patterns and responses.  Psychotherapy or Hypnotherapy, on their own, can be powerful but the combination that Brandi uses has created a "best of both worlds" therapy approach.
Spiritually Speaking from Brandi

I believe we are spiritual beings but that our consciousness can be physically focused. I have been a student of A Course in Miracles for 10 years and have found that this study often influence the sessions with my clients; sometimes directly but usually indirectly.

Overall, this influence usually reminds me that there is a larger greater part of all of us that is whole perfect and complete. When I see my clients they have occasionally forgotten to hone in on this aspect of themselves or have forgotten how to. It is not that this larger greater part - that is whole perfect and complete - has gone anywhere it is just that it cannot be imposed upon any one of us nor can it be taken or given.
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This long term understanding can stand alone or alongside recent consumer reports which have clearly outlined Psychotherapy (the approach used by Brandi which focuses on creating desired changes) as being the most preferred and effective treatment of those suffering from discomfort and upset (Sieligman, 1995). From here, one can conclude that to many (if not most that use these services) the most effective and efficient forms to therapy have been found to be Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. Therefore one could conclude that this combination creates a "best of both worlds" therapy approach.
Therefore, only we can hone in on this part of who we really are and allow this focus to co-create within our daily lives.  I often help my clients with this aspect of their challenge; enabling them to direct their consciousness to align with spirit.
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Brandi Rosgen B.Ed, ACH, MACP, MPCC
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